Green Queen

Green Queen

Why hello there. Long time, no see. Isn't time is a funny ol' thing? It just seems to run away from us here at Mane Project.

We have 100% passed the threshold of saying "Happy New Year". So anyone still doing it, stop

Anyway, with the strides in social awareness that last year brought, it is clear there has never been a time when action for the state of planet has been more urgent. 

So, with 2020 marking fashion's pursuit of sustainability, Mane Project wants to help you get started! Here's 3 easy steps to being a Green Queen:

  • A high-street white tee that's $15 tends to indicate that the top's quality is not good, or that it will last a couple of washes. Buying one that's made out of organic cotton will last longer and it's durability means you won't need to keep replacing it. Keep your money in the bank!
  •  Buying pieces that are interchangeable means one purchase can give you multiple styles! You won't have to worry about finding what to wear, rather how you want to wear it. Keep the people on their toes!
  • How you wash your clothes can also help them last longer! Cheap laundry powders contain enzymes and bleaches that can ruin the integrity of your clothes' fibres. Using a powder that is safe for your clothes and the environment is a sustainability win-win!
Being a conscious consumer not only benefits your pocket in the long run, but it also shows that you care for the environment and those who make your clothes.  
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