Introducing Hunt Skincare to Mane Project Online!

Introducing Hunt Skincare to Mane Project Online!

Hunt Skincare was one of the crucial parts of our Pop Up Shop in Newmarket last year. We've loved working with them and we're so happy to announce you can now buy their superior products through Mane Project Online!

Caroline Hunt is the brain power behind Hunt Skincare, she's handmade each product with her knowledge of organic essential oils and has made the purist, gentle yet efficient products for taking care of your skin.

You won't find any chemicals here, which means it's better for the environment as well as it being the best for you.

Have a read of our little interview with Caroline about Hunt Skincare and her  products:


Caroline Hunt, Founder and Creator of Hunt Skincare


What inspired you to start Hunt Skincare?

I have been in the beauty industry for over 10 years now & always loved products & what they can do for the skin. I love researching ingredients & their benefits. I did a short course in skin care formulations and then began creating.


How did you learn about organic oils and mixing them to make amazing skin products?

Lots of research! That was the fun bit. And then mixing them to find the right formulation.


The Daily Body Oil $55, Lip Balm $10, Daily Face Oil $50, Daily Facial Mist $45


What does organic mean to you?

Untouched, natural.


What are the benefits of using organic essential oils versus chemical products?

Essential oils have so many benefits where as chemical products actually cause harm. Toxic chemicals enter your body through your skincare, hence why you should always choose a natural range.

Lip Balm 


What are you excited about next for Hunt Skincare and why?

I have just finished my 5th product, so that will be released shortly. I will also be working with a manufacturer to produce a body and face moisturisers.


What’s your favourite Hunt Skincare product and why?

All of them! I have put so much work into each one that I love them all.

Daily Facial mist and Daily Face Oil 


Tell us your daily beauty routine?

I work at Room Nine in Auckland so have access to an array of great products.

AM: Osmosis Vitamin A & C serums & Clear Harmonized Water, Hunt Skincare Daily Facial Mist & Daily Face Oil, Coola SPF, Osmosis Performance Wear Foundation, Pressed Powder & Mascara.


Check out Hunt Skincare here for more information and to see the entire range. Sign up to become a Mane Project Member to receive updates on Hunt Skincare's new item which will be launching soon!


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