Introducing our newest member

Introducing our newest member

Introducing oneself is a weird undertaking that I've never had to do, so bear with me.


Hi, I'm Charlotte and I'm the type of person who will take fries right off your plate.


Since hitting my twenties, learning about the big wide world has led to sustainability and sustainable business practices becoming a real passion. This has come as a bit of a shock considering how often I would take the piss out of my best friend for being an "eco-freako vegan". Opps.


We all know that fashion is the second biggest pollutant on the planet next to oil fracking. From manufacturing, distribution, consumption and disposal, we are suffocating the environment with fast fashion. Remember that film Wall-E? He'll be folding our clothes into sad, waste piles. 


But there's hope! Mane Project understands the urgency for change. So starting this year as a new Mane employee means that I can begin to use my Economics and Management degrees to actively contribute to that change - with the added joy of being able to lecture people; like an older sister (or like the drunk girl in the bathroom...).


Mane Project has heaps of exciting initiatives this year from new collections to brand collaborations as well as loads of thought-provoking pieces for our Journal. Also, if there's anything you wish to read or contribute to the journal, get in touch!


Now all that's left is to get stuck in! 


Charlotte Greer xx

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