REVIEW: I Am Eva Period-Proof Underwear

REVIEW: I Am Eva Period-Proof Underwear

A timeless philosopher once said "you get the best of both worlds" and in regards to I Am Eva, this could not be more accurate. An innovative sanitary product that is environmentally-friendly and ethical, well bugger me!

The idea of new sanitary products is still foreign. It is kind of ridiculous that in 2019 you can get your rocks off to a bespoke character with Virtual Reality Sex (yes, that is a thing), but sanitary products are still stuck with tampons, pads and a cup that was invented in 1930. 

Michele Wilson and Kylie Matthews established I Am Eva, New Zealand's first period-proof underwear, to revolutionise the way women menstruate. You can read our interview with Michele to get more insight into the meaning and motivation behind I Am Eva

Lizzie and I got a pair of underwear to try for ourselves and we thought we'd give a cheeky review:


I was reluctant yet curious to try reusable period underwear. Would I leak? Would it hold my heavy period? Normally I sue tampons and pads for leakage because of my heavy flow. When my first pair of underwear arrived I was weirdly excited for my period to start (for the first time ever).

Aunt flow arrived -timely as usual- and out of pure habit, I grabbed a disposable sanitary item. Then my brain sparked with a flutter of joy as I realise I had new undies and I could be oh so eco!

Day 1: Bit of a heavy day for me, Don't judge, but in the excitement, I forgot to wash them before use. Always remember to do that if you have a heavy period as the absorbency of the underwear isn't as high without as first wash. Lesson learnt!

Day 2: After a wash and air dry, we took on day 2 which is also a heavy day for me. I was nervous. Amazingly I got 2 decent hours out of them which is what I'd expect with a super pad. Yes I am blessed with heavy periods, joy.

Day 3: After my success with day 2, I fest totally comfortable with my underwear to wear with a tampon.

Day 4: Period began to ease off around now so I could wear my underwear all on its own. Full trust!

Day 5: Solo I Am Eva underwear. No problems.

Day 6: Realised I really needed to get another pair. 

Day 7: Brought another pair online. 

By using a pair of I Am Eva underwear, I can potentially eliminate my pad usage! Saving the planet, tick!

I would highly recommend purchasing 4 pairs for your period so you have enough time between washes for them to properly dry for the best result. 



Any menstruator will tell you that, besides death and taxes, nothing is guaranteed especially with periods. You could be all fine then, sit the wrong way and... shark bait. So when the big day arrived, I was armed with my underwear but wore black jeans just in case. To my surprise, Carrie didn't go to prom!

The idea of only wearing underwear whilst on your period took some getting used to. You think that somehow, periods aren't that simple, yet with I Am Eva, they are. There is a bit of admin involved with the care of the underwear but when you consider the ripple effect that one purchase of a pair I Am Eva has, an extra added step to a washing routine only seems miniscule. 

Since I only had one pair, I can't speak on what they were like for the whole week. What I took away is that for your heaviest days, the Skye High briefs are ideal. Then, as your period starts to slow down, use the Eva Brief.

I enjoyed my experience more than I thought I would've to the point that I am ordering another pair so I can give the underwear enough time to air dry between uses.

Would highly recommend just giving them a try if just for trying's sake! 




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