Meet Geetha...

Meet Geetha...

One of the fair trade factories we work with is in Thindal, India. They are passionate about protecting hand loom textiles, restoring and preserving textile heritage skills. Geetha is in charge of production here, she is a boss, a wife, a mother and a friend. She recently took the time to answer some questions for us and we love her for it!



Geetha, Production Manager, Thindal, India


What do you enjoy most about your job?

Right from my childhood I've always had an interest in leadership, not just bossing people around but rather to coordinate and work in a team. My job is just the same, working as a team, and that's what I enjoy the most about my job. Any appreciation from our client is also a very enjoyable moment.


What does hand weaving fabric mean to your community?

In my community handweaving has always had it's importance, but later due to industrialisation it's faded away and people have moved towards mass produced products, but this generation handweaving has again sprung up to importance among people of my community or rather to most of the communities in our area.


What are the benefits of working at your factory?

The benefits of working here are actually personal, I'm satisfied and glad to be working with a company that helps bring up a society of weavers so that it doesn't get extinct, like how other weaving communities have lost the importance of weaving in various parts of the world.

I have enough freedom to do my tasks. Our boss has a genuine personality.


Can you please walk us through an average work day?

The schedule for the day is preplanned. So our team will start the work when we arrive. If there are any  new orders I will instruct my team about the style, size and placement of the labels, etc. Every garment is only finalised after getting through my eyes. I usually reply to emails. On placement of a new order I will make costing for it and schedule the dyeing and printing works. Incase of shipment, there will be documentation work to be done.


What are your personal interests?

Reading books, hand embroidery, cooking , maintaining our house.


Do you have family? What is your greatest hope for them?

I have a small family. My husband, Mr.Ponnusami is a very kind and skilled person, he is my strength in my official and personal life.

My daughter is going to finish the board exam soon. Her aim is to become a Doctor, we hope so. My younger one is a very naughty boy. His aim is to become a scientist. I have greatest hope for them because I know they are people who are worthy of achieving great heights.

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