Our Fabrics

When choosing fabrics, it’s really easy for us. We know the fabrication must be Organic therefore you’ll find that most, if not all of our fabrics are 100% Organic cotton. Sometimes we use blends like 95% Organic Cotton knit and 5% Spandex. The reason we do this, is because Spandex gives cotton a “memory”. This means that after multiple wear and washes, the garment will “remember” it's original form.

We are currently working towards sourcing 100% recycled spandex.

We only use leftover plain fabrics (print or dye accordingly, click here for more on this) from the mills, otherwise we get our fabrics custom made so there is minimal waste.

One of the techniques used to make our fabrics, is hand-weaving.

Hand-weaving in India dates back to the 12th and 13th century. It’s a traditional art form and means a lot to us, our manufacturers and the communities it impacts simply by being able to give opportunities to those that are passionate about continuing this ancient method in a modern society. This is something we are really proud to be a part of.