Our Manufacturers

Ethical manufacturing processes, fair trade and sustainability from an environmental, social and economic perspective, are at the very heart of all we do. Our heart for goodness is reflected in our values and who we choose to do business with, in particular seeking factories who share our vision, mission and five core values.

At the Mane Project, we work with four factories based in India across our staple brands, Arc & Bow and Bare Bones. While their mission and vision varies, each factory has a unique skill set identified to bring you best quality garments from a place of respect for our people and our planet.

Our factories all have a requirement for deep social connection and a fair trade labour standard. Our partnership with each manufacturer means that together, we can ensure that business is conducted with respect for one another's cultures, with no room for discrimination of any kind within our, and their, supply chain networks.

All our manufacturers work with GOTS certified cotton and have strong moral values when it comes to looking after our planet and reducing waste. We want to use more handwoven fabric and support traditional textile crafts.

If you would like more information about our manufacturers, please contact us on info@maneproject.online

Our Manufacturers Certifications

Manufacturer 1. (Jaipur, India)

Provisional members of WFTO membership #1047

Members of the US Fair Trade Federation

Craftmark member

GOTS certification for fabric only, can organise for specific fabrics


Manufacturer 2. (Thindal, India)

Facility is Green Building certified

Highly Environmental, Social and Governance compliant factory


Manufacturer 3. (Tirupur, India)

FLO ID: 28481(Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International)

GOTS ID: TR-OT-004-I-4215-2012 (Global Organic Textile Standard)


Manufacturer 4. (Bangalore and Tirupur, India)

BSCI compliant and received a B for Amfori BSCI audit Jan 2020

Working towards WFTO accreditation starting with Bangalore unit.

GOTS ID: TEX3156-GOTS-2020-01