Our Print & Dye Methods

Print Methods


The two printing methods we use, are both by hand.

  • Block printing
  • Screen printing
  • Occasionally GOTS certified digital printing


This means we can provide people with jobs over machines, use AZO free dyes, and provide opportunities to further ancient traditions like hand block printing.


Block printing being an ancient art form has been used in India for centuries. As technology has developed, this art form has been neglected within the western fashion industry.


Screen-printing also dates back centuries for it’s use. It’s a method we use for our larger scaled prints. Like block printing, it requires a lot of skill and an artisans eye.


The manufacturers we work with care deeply about providing opportunities for communities that value these art forms and want to be part of keeping it alive and reviving it in a modern way.


More recently, due to COVID-19 we have explored GOTS certified digital printing. This is a short term solution to stay on track releasing new product during a difficult time where manufacturing capacities have been at 25% staff where normally we would only work with screen printers or block printers.



Dye Methods


All dyes that are used for hand block printing, screen printing, or solid colour dyeing, are all low impact AZO free chemical dyes certified by GOTS.


Low impact or AZO free chemical dyes are synthetic, chemical based dyes that are significantly better for the wearer and the environment compared to conventional dyes.


Some key things to know about using Low impact/AZO free dyes:


  • The absorption in to the cloth is greater by 70% compared to conventional dyes which results in less chemical runoff into the waterways.
  • There are zero AZO dyes used which means no toxic carcinogens, and chlorine bleach. That means that’s no on your skin as the wearer, nor disposed in the waterways, neither the dyers have contact with such toxic chemicals.
  • There are no heavy metals within the dyes


If you want to know anymore information about our print and dye methods, don't hesitate to contact us via email at info@maneproject.online