Our Values


We acknowledge your right to perfect information as consumers. No secrets, no hidden agendas. We promise that all our products and brands will adhere to being 100% transparent when it comes to their manufacturing practices. We don't know it all, so part of our goal to be transparent means inviting you to challenge and question us, as we grow together to be mindful consumers.


By collaborating, we believe we are expanding the network of businesses and individuals who practice ethical manufacturing and the use of organic materials. The more we expand this network, the closer we are to achieving our vision to live in a world where equality and fair trade business practices are international social norms.


People are at the heart of our business. As we learn, we challenge ourselves to not just meet, but go above and beyond what it currently means to be ‘fair trade’. It is of the utmost importance to us that our men and women are happy in their jobs, paid fairly, work in safe conditions, and aren't discriminated against for their gender.

Gender Equality

We believe that women should be celebrated. From collaborations, to sharing stories of the women who are part of The Mane Project, we will continually remind our consumers of what it means to be proud to be female. We will be proactive in standing against gender inequality, instead standing up for women who face discrimination and adversity on a daily basis.


We pledge to offer quality products made with love, care and no underlying nasty business. It’s good to bear in mind, that quality does not always mean taking a uniform approach. Our products are perfect because of their imperfections, because they are handmade by real people - not machines - so we can make a difference to communities where mass production and the introduction of machinery is having negative impacts on the economy and local people's livelihoods.