Collection: Arowm x Arc & Bow

Collaborating is something at the heart of MANE Project. We love joining forces with other creatives and Tiff Clayton from Arowm is one of them.

Arc & Bow's latest capsule collection is inspired by 'connection' so it couldn't be more appropriate to collaborate with our friends at Arowm.

Every pair of Arowm dangles are handmade by Tiff and her team. The utmost love and care is poured into the making of each clay piece.

Tiff,  herself, and team, all holding a high value for self-love and female empowerment, pairs perfectly with MANE Project and Arc & Bow's values.

The twisting and turning of this design, symbolizes the form of connection. No matter what direction or shape the design takes, the clay is connected. There's no beginning or end to each piece, just a fluid rope of connection, through twists and turns.

And uniquely, each piece is its own. The beauty of thse handmade items is there is none other just like it! Each earring and pair of earrings is distinctively unique.

This symbolism means something to us, we are all unique and connection holds us together!

We love connection.

We love Arowm.

We love bringing value and meaning to what we wear. 

For more information on Arowm, click here

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